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ocean city, quiet night. where's the storm? it is still coming an probably feeling the afcs of that 8:00, 9:00, so early afternoon. that's the height of it. if you go to beach, this morning may not be the best time to take the trip but this amp and thenning go for it. norfolk 25 an we had calm winds here in washington. this storm is a coastal storm. not a washington storm. minimal affects in the metro. as we go to the latest wind
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gusts, you see 82 at hatteras. winds have turned to the northwest as the storm starts to pass. we have winds now at ocean city now gusting over 20 miles an hour and same with the beau buoy off federal island. just tropical storm conditions. we are in the 70s. winchester 9. mostly cloudy skies. this afternoon some sunshine highs around 90. it is 6:01. happy friday, angie. >> back at you, howard. thank you very much. hello, friends. we begin with a metro aer will. dupont circle the power is out and there's no escalator or elevator service. we're hearing shuttle buses have been requested. move outside an show you inbound new york avenue. looks like we are building volume between the washington
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times building past bladensburg road. on the outer loop, switch the shot over from university to georgia. you are slow. on 88 -- 66, the delay is growing between route 50 and 23 and slowing down approaching the capital beltway. end with 95 northbound in virginia. it is one solid, steady slow ride from lorton to backlick and going southbound, we were hoping the accident at backlick would have cleared by now but it is still there taking away alet lane. at the top of the hour it is all the about hurricane earl. as howard told us the storm is moving by the outer banks. this is what it looks like in atlantic beach, north carolina. a lot of towns were evacuated ahead of the storm. the delmarva is bracing for a brush with earl later this afternoon. how are things looking right now? >> well, we somewhere are just starting to feel the tropical afcs. the wind has picked up.
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close to gale gale force. an the winds off the ocean has a tropical feel. so we know something is close but as howard reported really primetime for earl on the delmarva peninsula is yet to come. probably in the mid to late morning. although officials here in ocean city think it will be over by 3:00. even so, this has been an exercise in preparedness. the big gates on the sea walls slammed shut. the final preparations for keeping a menacing surf from destroying the boardwalk as earl pushes close. >> i'm excited actually. >> we're definitely going to stay. >> reporter: they put up fencing to prevent drifting sand from burying parking lots an the boardwalk. signs an sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. >> i think you will see flooding in low-lying areas where we typically get flooding
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during any rain even. we will have some items blown around. things that aren't secured as a result of the winds but nothing dramatic. the timing of the storm is good. it will be coming in the early- morning hours and by the afternoon it will give us an tune to clean up and get ready for the weekend. all right. so the hatches are batten down. here's the gate on the sea wall. it is closed just in case the surf gets up this far but ocean city says they are going to be ready for business as soon as the storm is over. in fact, the beaches were just cleaned by the machines. they are expecting big crowds. so they are hoping earl doesn't brush a lot harder than it has so for example reporting live in ocean city, scott broom, 9 news now. we will check back with you in 3 a minutes. a search and rescue team from montgomery and anne arundel counties is already on its way to work. for the first time the team is heading north on the way to
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massachusetts. a group of 80 left at 10:00 last night. these professionals will help out wherever they are needed. an they are telling us packing is important. what's the one thing you can't forget? >> socks an underwear. most important thing to have is socks an underwear, a lot of them. usually it is hot and humid and you spend a lot of time walking. >> it costs $98,000 a day to deploy the team. the money is given back to the county by the federal government. the hampton roads area is bracing for flooding an power outages. let's go live there now. bruce leshan is in virginia beach. what are things looking like right now? >> this was forecast to be the height of the storm here about 6:00 a.m. the highest winds and sofa forth, but so far earl remains a prince. you can see i'm standing out here outside without a hand hat on an i'm getting a little wet but not too bad. hard to
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imagine in a serious storm that a boogie board would stay put for even a moment. look at the light and you can see the rain drops that are coming down. they are not completely sideways but withins of 20 miles an hour or more an the funny thing the sprinklers are actually on. must be on a timer because they definitely don't need the sprinklers. look at the videotape. this is video we shot in virginia beach as well as in atlantic on atlantic avenue. a lot of people from washington have condos down here. a lot of people have houses on sand bridge. if you are worried about them, at this point, the folks say they have not seen any significant damage or any significant flooding. earl is supposedly about 150
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miles out to sea, and so that's been quite 0 bit of a relief for people down here. coming back on camera and let me show you what they left for us back at our hotel room when we had a chance three hours in the hotel room an it says hurricane earl notification for guests. there's a hurricane coming, but a lot of people seem to be getting a good night's sleep an so far no trouble down here. >> great they are notifying the guests. only if they notified the sprinkler system, right? [ laughter ] >> for the people driving out of town for labor day, earl shouldn't really afc you. for those who have flying a lot of airlines are giving you a chance to change plans without a penalty, united, airtran, delta are on the list for the airports in our region. u.s. airways and southwest are not letting travelers make a change without payer for it. -- paying for it. amtrak is changing service
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for earl. some trains will terminate here in washington instead of going to new port news. some trains will go as far as richmond. service to lynchburg or orsouthern.s is not affected. up and down in the northeast, beach towns are preparing to deal with earl. commercial niche atlantic boats left the area seeking safe harbor. ferry service has been cancelled ahead of earl from cape cod. thousands of people have cut short their beach vacations you will want to keep it here all day for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. 9 news now and cbs news has the entire east coast covered. get the latest by visiting track the storm with the interactive there doppler
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radar. it is all at in 90 secs, the -- in 90 seconds, the latest on a security scare at an airport. and the new things we are learning about james lee's arsenal. an the redkens loon has in their final preseason game. reaction from the game against the cardinals.
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we're back with a story we have been watching for you overnight. one person deand thed after a security scare at miami international airport. the tsa says the suspicion object was found inside of a checked bag. that brought police an the bomb squad. four of the airport's six concourses were evacuated. they are back open right now. israeli and palestinian leaders will meet again in two weeks to continue peace talks. thursday's discussions here in washington got off to a good start. secretary of state hillary clinton moderated a fresh round of discussions. both sides hope to strike a deal within a year creating two separate states. >> achieving security is a must. security is the foundation of peace. >> we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to end all settlement activities an completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. >> reporter: the state department has set a goal for
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an outline for a peace deal within one year. people who work at the discovery communications headquarters in silver spring are being allowed to take a long weekend. hundreds of people came back to their office on thursday to pick up personal items. they left them behind on wednesday during the police standoff at the office building. thursday, police searched the wheaton home of james j. lee, the man who started the incident. andrea mccarren has the story. >> four additional devices, of which we can tie the individual to right now, were obtained, from the residence, and subsequently successfully detonated, remotely from theres dnc and from any other areas of any life safety issues hoar in the county. >> reporter: when lee walked in to the discovery building with four makeshift explosives strapped to his body he carried two box an two backpacks. sources say in haze hand was a
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small device with a large antenna. that fueled fears he may try to activate bombs remotely. police discovered two guns, two ski masks and a number of batteries at the scene. >> both weapons turned out to be starter pistols. >> reporter: bomb squads worked throughout the night to dispose of other devices inside the discovery building. it was officially cleared by 4:00 a.m. >> the information i received from the bomb squad was that had he been able to detonate the devices they would have been lethal, certainly to him. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> police are looking for lee's car. they hope it will provide more information for their investigation. the virginia dmv wants you to know it is staying open late tonight. it is trying to make up for the computer outage over the weekend. governor mcdonnell is ordering an investigation in to that. that stopped the dmv from issuing licenses and i.d. cards. it will stay open until 6:00 tonight and open all weekend
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including labor day and speaking of labor day not looking so bad. looking good. >> it will be a great labor day, a nice weekend and we have to get through earl today and it is not as bad as we anticipated. i will bring tropical storm conditions, locally heavy rain and beach erosion as well but it is moving quickly. it will be gone by later this afternoon and this evening and the weekend looks fine. go to the satellite imagery. showing earl not as impressive as yesterday when it had the well defined eye an the bright, colder cloud tops are blown to the east and northeast of the center now as earl is undergoing a little what we call sheer, upper-level winds that are ripping it apart a bit but a category two storm with 105-mile an hour winds. you can see the counterclockwise circulation. heavy rains eastern north carolina, southern earn
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virginia. and in is approaching the delmarva. bruce leshan and virginia beach, scott broom in ocean city they will feel this pick up the next few hours. go to live doppler 9000 hd pause we are watching this east of richmond and also in southern maryland. a little shower active between leonardtown and st. mary's city on the northern neck. bill in newland said it one doing anything. and we will see some light sprinkles or drizzle. heavier showers in to virginia and they may just brush extreme southern maryland an across the bay in to the eastern shore. as far as the winds, we are looking at them from last night during the overnight. they start to pick up at midnight. 24 virginia beach. not bad here in the delmarva. overnight they started to pick up. even ocean city is feeling the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and wallops island is
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gusting to 26 miles an hour. earl on the latest advisory, winds 105 miles an hour. starting to pick up northeast at 18 miles an hour. as it weakens it will be a category two storm this afternoon. passing our beaches, 150-miles to the east and then heads to another land fall -- or a land fall near martha's vineyard, maybe cape cod. we will have to watch that as it starts to lose the tropical conditions an transitions to a nontropical low. the bus stop forecast this morning, cloudy skies. it's warm in the 70s. the day at a glance, cloudy and 82 at 9:00. mostly cloudy at noon and partly sunny at phi clock. temperature 87 an a high near ott. a front is coming through this evening. that may touch off a shower. clearing an breezy with lows in the 60s an set us up for really
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comfortable weekend. here's the seven-day forecast. we are breezy tomorrow, near 80. near 80 on sunday without the wind. monday looks great for the holiday and here's more heat on wednesday and tuesday. angie, over to you. >> met tremendous riders, take note. a power outage at the dupont circle station. no escalator or elevator services. shuttle buses have been called. an accident is on the shoulder. so all lanes of traffic are getting by. an the main delay on the outer loop is after this from university to georgia. we are tracking 270 southbound. things are getting heavy around the germantown road exit to montross. this delay is an extra five minutes or so in the car and that's growing. we are checking on virginia's 395 northbound, you are delayed
6:18 am
duke to seminary. slow approaching the 14th street bridge and 95 northbound stacking up from lorton though this mixing bowl. plus ten minutes and growing. going southbound still watching an accident at the backlick road exit taking away the left listen. back to jess. meteorologists here in our region are keeping an eye on hurricane earl as it moves up the coast. kristin fisher is live from a very busy national were service in sterling, virginia. hey there, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, it is busy but this place would be even busier if hurricane earl track changed a little bit and if it was heading more toward our way, toward the dc area. this place would be nuts. on thes going off. many more meteorologists here than are here right now. fortunately we have meteorologist chris strong here who's been telling us that earl will be a nonissue for the immediate dc area, right? >> that's right.
6:19 am
probably seeing a few sprinkles early this morning, some clouds an that's about it and as the storm races away it will be a mostly sunny, hot day. >> element if we look over here at this -- another meteorologist computer. he's been tracking earl all morning long and i want to ask you, where does earl stack up in terms of the last few major storms we have had along the east coast? it has been a while since a big storm threatened the entire eastern seaboard. >> stop storms like gloria and bob in the ' 80s were storms like this. but thankfully for us it stayed far enough off shore. it is not a big thereto for dc. >> that's good news. that's what we like to hear. thank you very much, chris, for being with us. and jessica, i want to throw out there for all of you who are possibly heading out of this town planning to catch a
6:20 am
flight this morning, good news. all airports are open an meetings rolls here say weather should not be a factor in terms of getting to your labor day destination. >> that is great news. ahead in sports the redskins react to a loss in the preseason game. their final preseason game. and plus, punishment for a fight. in four minutes, what police codified for morgan's penalty. ♪ ♪
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while you slept the redskins wouldn't up the preseason with a loss in arizona despite the you come the coach got a good look at the players. washington scored one touchdown in game. a pass to us a ton cut the
6:24 am
deficit to ten. haynesworth played a lot in this one. he had three tackles. the skins lose 20-1. after the game, shanahan talked about haynesworth playing time. >> we have to get him playing time and i have to look at the film to tell you how he played we have to get him as good as he can be and get in football shape an there's only one way to do it and that is to practice and play. >> reporter: the regular season opens september 12th. they will host the cowboys in the sun night game. this is a day nationals fans are dreading. strasburg goes under theinism he will have surgery in los angeles to repair a torn ligament. he's not expected back until 2012 at the earliest. major league baseball is expected to hand down a punishment to morgan who was involved in this brawl in florida. it was the latest in a series
6:25 am
of bad understand dens for the nats outfielder. they will look at everything in considering his punishment. up next the latest on hurricane earl. it is moving its way up the eastern seaboard. we will have live reports from ocean city and virginia beach. how will hurricane earl affect the holiday weekend weather? howard has the answers when 9 news now continues.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. people taking a morning walk as earl is moving closer to virginia beach and moving farther north to ocean city, maryland. you can see the boardwalk an you can see it is starting to be sun break there. we have been keeping an eye on health all morning long. anytime the weather center where howard is tracking the storm. and we are getting lucky here in washington. >> dc is getting a minimal minimum -- minimal ill pact. we
6:30 am
are seeing scattered showers. notice between leonardtown and st. mary's but a little band from the eastern shore through lusby an in southern calvert and over to st. mary's. we will see a little to the south an east over the next three to five hours and this afternoon things will get better. we will show you what is going on with the radar as the storm moves up the coast right now. you can see it is spenting off shore. heaviest rains in torn north carolina. clearing out to the southern half, let's say of eastern north carolina. southeastern virginia and delmarva getting in on this storm action. the winds tell the story. going back last night at 6:00. the wind direction is wrapping around the storm. the speed sustained, in white, the gusts in flu. norfolk gusted to 5. 3:00 the wins pick up at norfolk at 28 an the last readings we have
6:31 am
now gusting to 82 hatteras. 23 ocean city an the winds are wrapping an the center of circulation which looks east of the virginia north carolina border. around here cloudy skies. most temperatures in the 70s. all this though in the season you won know the storm is out there. temperatures in the upper 80s. 88 at noon. not as hot. around 90. a metro update for you. the power outage at the dupont circle station has been cleared. delays have cleared, as well. good news there. not so good news as we move it outside and show you 95 in virginia. man, what a headache. two accidents. first is at lorton. this is off to the shoulder as well as the one at the fairfax county parkway but adding to that stackup is a bunch of rubber neckers out there. we will see plus 15 minutes for
6:32 am
that and going southbound we have an accident at the backlick road exit taking away a left lane for drivers. quickly let's look at the outer loop. the main jamup is 95 to georgia. before this we have an accident approaching route a 0. the gad news, everything is pushed off to the right shoulder. we turn our focus back to hurricane earl. it is one of the first hurricanes to move up the east coast in years. the first stop the outer banks of north carolina. some of the islands there were evacuated a couple of days ago in advance of the storm. the storm could have a bigger economic impact on beach towns because it is interfering with the labor day weekend. scott broom is in ocean city, maryland. how's it going now? >> well, it's feeling tropical. we have a breeze off the ocean but it is hardly a gale-force wind, certainly not tropical
6:33 am
force an gives you a good idea of the preparedness here. this is the sea wall. the gates are closed just in case they go to tropical conditions which could potentially develop later on today. standing with me now is the mayor of ocean city. i guess one thing we have been thinking about here is the boiling surf, the weather is not bad. the surf is pretty rough. what's going on. >> we expect that to continue throughout the day. starting yesterday afternoon we restricted swimming, and going in to the surf, and that will remain in affect throughout the day today. the beaches are open but will restrict people from going to the surf an we think that is the responsible thing to do. >> reporter: i think you said in your words, we don't expect drama however this is an exercise in preparedness. we are standing by the sea wall and closed gates. what are your thoughts? >> i think we are well prepared for this even and closing the
6:34 am
sea walls are part of the preparedness. ment looks lake the storm is pretty much on the track we anticipated yesterday. timetables changed a little bit. arrive a little later and get out of here later this afternoon but other than that everything is status quo. >> timing wise, if the storm moves out quickly as predicted if there is any cleanup to do, if this develops, you have time to do it. what are the thoughts for travelers coming down this weekend. >> we want to do two things, invite everyone to ocean city because it will be a beautiful week but be responsible and plan your trip so you don't arrive in ocean city until after the event is over which should be late this afternoon or 5:00. it shouldn't disrupt anyones plans but for your own safety i think it would be better if you waited until after the storm left. >> reporter: rick, thank you very much for joining us this morning. i will tell you driving right now no problem. but as tropical storm
6:35 am
conditions potentially develop, sort of primetime for earl, a little later this morning could see problems. after that the mayor says ocean city will be open for business. live on the boardwalk, scott broom, 9 news now, back to you. the federal is on alert for hurricane earl. fema has deployed teams to north carolina and massachusetts. they are bringing supplies, including food an water it is just in case things get bad with the storm. president obama is in close contact with fema, monsterring the situation. >> the administrator provided fema with an update and we are in close coordination to ensure they have the support they need should the storm make land fall. >> reporter: the president has already declared an emergency in some parts of the carolinas. we want to take you to virginia beach. bruce leshan is live. how are conditions now compared who to when you joined us at
6:36 am
4:30 this morning? >> we are just after what we expected would be the height of earl off of virginia beach and it is getting more uncomfortable. if puff been watching, you can see i'm getting a little bit wetter than rain hitting my face. we have been gauging the wind and at this point, gusts up to 17 miles an hour here but the weather service says there have been some gusts as high as 30 miles an hour in the virginia beach area. this is daybreak and we are looking at the surf an you can see it is big and choppy and it is definitely dangerous out there. nobody in the water, although there are a few people out there taking kind of walks along the beach and chasing the storm and checking it out and seeing what they are seeing, what they can see. big question is about batch erosion and the question is whether the storm is bringing sand in or taking it out. at this point we don't have any
6:37 am
good seasons of that. if we come back over here, greg, i want to show you a little thing. we have been finding kids ' toys our employing around and one of the concerns is whether the wind would cause the stage set up down the beach for the american music festival, pat benatar, whether it may blow the scaffolding down and turn it in to a projectile that would do damage. turns out the scaffolding they debated ordering them to take it down, we haven't had anything like that. >> bruce, just so you know, there is a band of the storm off shore. if it comes in shore you will fool it. we will keep in touch with you. thank you, bruce. >> gee, thanks. >> as howard has been telling us, earl is moving up the east coast. orbeach towns are getting ready. this is what it looked like on thursday at the jersey shore.
6:38 am
life guards kept an eye on the swimmers. some beaches may be closed today. some schools in rhode island will be closed today ahead of earl. they may close the spot to protect the capital of pro- dense from earl's storm surge. stay with us for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. in ten minutes we will go to the national weather service to see how it is tracking the storm and while you are at work get the latest at was wusa an track the storm with interactive doppler radar and down lead load a weather map or the hurricane tracker, all of that plus our team's weather coverage and blogs at up next, some other stories making news today including a first in more politics. plus, a commuter alert for the metro this weekend. in four minutes the stations you need to avoid.
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we are back with a commuter alert. part of metro ' led line will be closed all weekend long. metro will close the line from glen monday to fort totten an it will be closed until tuesday morning. that way, metro crews can do important track work. metro set up a shuttle bus service between the stations. vetters in maryland can cast ballots early without a reason. early voting runs through thursday. the chairwoman of the state republican and democratic parties gave support on thursday. to find out where an when -- >> if ted the -- if the leaders of the parties will work with the state board of elections to ensure that early voting is safe and secure and every vote will be counted. >> reporter: to find out where an when you can vote early, go to visit our maryland news page.
6:44 am
in sports, the redskins preseason is over. the team finishes with a 2-2 record. haynesworth played extensively in the game. he had three tackles an one assist but the redskins lost to the cardinals 20-10. the regular season begins september 12th. mark your calendars, when the cowboys visit fedex field. playing pretty well given all the concerns so far this season. >> coach said we need more playing time. >> we are going to the super bowl. >> that's behind us. >> earl will be behind us by the time we get to this afternoon and this evening. this morning earl is passing the north carolina virginia border. not too far from bruce leshan but far enough where the winds haven't been too bad. the storm weakened with sustained winds around the center, 105-mile an hour wins but that is off shore. we were telling bruce, there's a brand band if it comes on
6:45 am
shore he will feel it. a lot of times what happens is the bands of tropical systems is heavy rains and winds and sometimes between the bands this is where things are a lot calmer. over to the live doppler 9000 hd, one of the bands is near richmond and actually williamsburg here. an a lot weaker as it heads up to the northern neck and southern maryland. we have been looking at the action. little bit of rain trying to form here. very light across parts, maybe up to north beach and eastern charles county to dahlgren. swan point, friends of the red cross, you have the golf tournament an it will be okay. deaths better this afternoon. back on the weather computer and talk about the winds. as the storm comes north. watch how the winds get wrapped around the storm. midnight virginia beach and norfolk in the 20s. as we head to 3:00 a.m., up to 30 miles an hour. is this is 6:00 a.m. the winds wrapping around the
6:46 am
storm. the storm center looks like maybe here, east or southeast of virginia beach. ocean city, you are going to feel it more over the next few hours. the storm itself with winds of 105 miles an hour. just over 200 miles from ocean city. if you go here to here and it will pass off to the east of ocean city, probably at 2:00 or so. after the 2:00 hour we will see quick improvement. the storm tonight could be getting close to martha's vineyard where they have a hurricane warning in affect for southeastern massachusetts and tomorrow morning, level will go in to canada bringing them problems, as well. and behind earl it is cooler. the bus stop forecast, cloudy this morning, warm. far south an east a few light showers. temperatures mainly in the 70s. although 685 couple of spots to the shenandoah valley. today at a glance, 88 mostly cloudy at noon and partly sunny, at least partly sunny by 5:00. there's a chance of a shower
6:47 am
late or in to the evening hours with a front coming through. an early shower part of the forecast for tonight, clearing and breezy in the 80s with a west wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour. saturday will be breezy and much cooler. highs near 80. going up to garrett county could be a couple of showers. in the 60s. west winds 10 to 20 and 80 on sunday but the winds will be a lot quiet quieter. labor day 85 degrees for the holiday and tuesday and wednesday in the 90s. next front is late wednesday. we need bigger rains. i don't see them coming yet. heavy delays an a traffic alert for you live from sky 9. you are looking at the congestion on 95 northbound. that's because you have the lingering accident at 7100 the fairfax county parkway. a lot of rubbernecking going on and as a result of this you are looking at at least plus 15 to
6:48 am
20 minutes more than usual. that's going to be extra in the car right now and that's growing until they get the accident cleared. going southbound at backlick road is where we have another crash activity from early this morning. still taking away a left lane for drivers. slow approaching the scene. 395 northbound, below speed from edsall to seminary and slow from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge n. the district, we are finding drivers dragging from the times building to the bladensburg road. no incidents along the way. on the outer loop in maryland, north of the district, we are slow in two spots from 202 to route 50 where we have crash activity pushed to the right shoulder and 95 over to georgia. finally we want to wrap it up with a 0 ebb -- 50 eastbound. happy to report right now you are going to find the lanes wide open. back to you. it is 48. even though hurricane earl is hundreds of miles from here, the storm is being watched very
6:49 am
closely from sterling, virginia. kristin fisher is live at the national weather service. >> good morning, jessica. aside from a few showers, hurricane earl is not going to impact the immediate dc baltimore area. great news. but one thing that meteorologist here at the national were service forecast office, one thing they have been watching closely are the water levels in the potomac river and the chesapeake bay. joining me now, chris strong. thanks for joining us. let me ask you, what are you seeing right now in terms of water levels in the potomac and the chesapeake? i know you have a graphic up right here. can you explain what we are seeing. >> one of the noaa websites has the water levels an we have to monitor that because it is an issue. that's one of the big threats from hurricanes is tidal flooding. right now there is a tidal surge. the tide is running a little
6:50 am
higher than the astronomical tide. >> this red line here is what the water levels are like right now. the blue line is the average, correct. >> the blue line is the astronomical tide where it would be if everything else wasn't affecting it. >> it is not much higher than normal. >> right. only a half foot above normal. if this was a bigger hurricane, like isabelle, they are several feet higher than normal an that's when homes and businesses get flooding. clearly this is not the biggest hurricane even for meteorologists in this forecasting office but we are only in the middle of hurricane season. what are you looking at down the road? >> this is the core of hurricane season, which runs -- for this area middle of august through the middle of october. but the the official season runs through november. we have a lot of time for more storms to affect us and we will have to keep our eyes out. there are more storms out there right now that we will have to
6:51 am
keep an eye on. >> fiona is lurking. thank you so much. appreciate you being with us. jessica, back to you. >> like what you are saying this morning. we have 78 degrees hoar in northwest washington. more on hurricane earl is up next. we will check in with virginia beach an ocean city in three minutes
6:52 am
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. it is the height of the storm in virginia beach. the wind is blowing pretty good but not too bad an the waves, they are high. i'm scott broom in ocean city, maryland where the brush with earl is considered an exercise in storm preparedness. there is potential for tropical storm conditions, but ocean city officials say they will be open for business after the weather clears for the labor
6:55 am
day weekend. after earl moves past us the storm has a date with long island. we have clouds from earl and few clouds. we will see a little sunshine by noon and more sunshine this afternoon. highs near 90. the weekend forecast and angie will have another look at traffic when we return.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
95 northbound, this is the eyesore of the morning at 7100. live from sky 9. i want you to know that's where we have the crash activity adding to that delay from the prince william parkway to mere at the mixing bowl. 25 minutes for that. at backlick another accident causing drivers to be backed up at the beltway, as well. 86 eastbound, a slow ride from
6:59 am
50 to nutley. no incidents on the outer loop jammed from 202 to 50 and 95 over to georgia. now, over to howard. winds gusting to near 40 at norfolk. ten miles an hour here and a few showers extreme southern maryland an the northern neck. ocean city will be active through early this afternoon. 90 today with mostly cloudy skies, partly sunny, breezy and sunny tomorrow. nice and sunny on sunday, near 80. back to in the mid-80s for the labor day holiday. >> the "early show" is next and they will have more on earl and plus the latest on the oil egg explosion in the gulf of mexico. >> and i will have the latest on earl in less than 30 minutes and you can get updates on 9 news now at noon. >> and you can visit we will see you back here on monday at 4:25.

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